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Suckers and blowers

I have no favouritism when it comes to aircraft types.  I love the simplicity and danger of pre-World War I aircraft.  The sheer complexity of F35s also fascinates me.  I’m more than hapoy with everything in between.  I missed the transition from props to jets when I was in the RAF, although Shackletons were still flying from RAF Lossiemouth on MR duties.  My first station was Wattisham in 1979 when the Phantom FGR2 ruled supreme.  Getting spares for those beasts was at times problematical, but they kept on flying.  I was lucky, at the time I served we had many different types in service. Lightnings, Harriers and Buccaneers were at the sharp end, and the Vulcan and Victor were still going.  I saw my first Tornado overfly Wattisham and was staggered by the size of its tail.  Happy days!  All of these images are available to purchase on my shop site.  Please be aware that the shop landing page does display some images showing nudity.