Outdoor And Location Portraits

Mel Pettit Photography - Headshot - A profile portrait with the subjects face looking directly at the camera. The model is wearing a green dress.

Want the freedom being outdoors gives?

Capture the true essence of your personality against the breathtaking backdrop of nature with outdoor portrait photography. Experience the magic of constantly changing scenery as the light dances through the clouds, creating a soft and enchanting ambiance. Whether it’s the countryside, the seaside, a bustling city center, or any location that holds a special place in your heart, the possibilities are endless. Embrace the freedom and beauty that the great outdoors offers.  Let Mel Pettit Photography create timeless portraits that reflect your unique story.

Sunrise or sunset?

Capture the breathtaking beauty of nature at its finest with portraits at sunrise or sunset. As the sun paints the sky with vibrant hues, allow Mel Pettit Photography to immortalize these magical moments. Whether in the tranquil countryside, by the serene seaside, or amidst the vibrant cityscape, our outdoor portrait photography showcases the essence of your unique story. Embrace the freedom and enchantment of the great outdoors, and let us create timeless portraits that reflect the truest version of you.

What about a location special to you?

Looking for a stunning indoor location for your portrait photography session? Look no further. At Mel Pettit Photography, we have all the necessary lights to create mesmerizing atmospheric shots. Whether it’s your own house or any other indoor space, we will bring out the best in you.  Plus, having your wardrobe changes right next to you is a bonus. Let us capture your unique essence in exquisite portraits that will leave you breathless. Contact us today to book your location portrait session and let the magic unfold!