Studio Three Quarters

A chance to express yourself

This is the length of portrait most people find themselves comfortable with.  It still shows you as you are, but a three quarter length portrait also gives you an opportunity to express yourself and what you are about by your choice of clothing. In the example images below, you can see a bit of power dressing, something retro, something relaxed and something classy and stylish.  Why not pick your clothes to reflect how you see yourself and let me do the rest?

Awards Badges

You might have noticed that some of the images showcased on the Mel Pettit Photography website proudly exhibit prestigious awards badges from The Guild of Photographers. If you would like to delve deeper into the realm of my award-winning portrait work, I invite you to visit my dedicated Awards page.  There, you can discover the passion and dedication that underpin the creation of these remarkable images.

My Portfolio

The gallery below showcases a curated collection of images captured during our extensive studio portrait sessions at Mel Pettit Photography. We invite you to explore the full galleries for a more comprehensive view of our work, where you’ll find a diverse range of captivating photographs. Follow this link to Pictime and immerse yourself in the complete collection.