Studio Headshots

A classic look

For as long as I can remember I found old master paintings absolutely captivating.  I knew I could never paint to save my life, so I have tried to reproduce that painterly look photographically.  I think all of the images I create will look great when they are printed, either as a standard photographic print, or on one of the many other types of media that you can select in your own private on-line gallery.  From canvasses to acrylic or metallic prints, your images will stand out when they are hung on the wall.

Awards Badges

You might have noticed that some of the images showcased on the Mel Pettit Photography website proudly exhibit prestigious awards badges from The Guild of Photographers. If you would like to delve deeper into the realm of my award-winning portrait work, I invite you to visit my dedicated Awards page.  There, you can discover the passion and dedication that underpin the creation of these remarkable images.

My Portfolio

The gallery below showcases a curated collection of images captured during our extensive studio portrait sessions at Mel Pettit Photography. We invite you to explore the full galleries for a more comprehensive view of our work, where you’ll find a diverse range of captivating photographs. Follow this link to Pictime and immerse yourself in the complete collection.