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As well being a working people photographer, I also shoot for my own personal projects.  I have wide and varied interests, so my work can be considered quite diverse.  I have galleries of that work, some of which is available for purchase. I have a dedicated website which is fantastic at handling the sales side, but it isn’t particularly good at displaying my work.  You can see my work on this site, displayed at a good size, before you – hopefully – pop over to the other site and buy it!  There is a huge choice of media and sizes, so I think there is something for everyone’s taste and pockets. 

Landscapes and seascapes

My friends will know that I was born in Felixstowe, Suffolk.  When I entered the world it was a small port town, with an aging population.  It was a quiet place, but it had a magnificent coastline, and was reasonably popular as a fairly classy resort.  It wasn’t any where near as brash as  Great Yarmouth further up the coast in Norfolk.  It was, I think, a kind of a cross between there and Southwold, with the latter location as the dominant partner.  It was nice.  Then in the late 1960s and early 1970s came the dock explosion.  The town changed considerably, and not for the better.  Although more jobs were created the town itself suffered from some neglect and things like the beautiful Spa Gardens were left to run down.  Thankfully that has changed again, and the two sides of Felixstowe sit side by side much more comfortably.  Living there did spark an interest in me for seascapes however.  I love them, probably more than landscapes.  The area in which I live is extremely flat with little of interest to catch the eye.  Perhaps I need to move?  Take a look at my seascapes and landscapes gallery.


When I was 18, I was told by someone I knew a long time ago that I wouldn’t have it in me to live the life of an RAF serviceman.  Being on the short side, I have always found statements like that to be a real challenge, so I made up my mind to join the RAF.  I was in a job at the time that was so-so, but I was never going to go anywhere.  A few weeks later, after going for a couple of interviews, I was in and on my way to RAF Swinderby for recruit training.  That was a very historic Bomber Command airfield was upon a time.  By the time I got there all male RAF recruits did their square bashing there, and flying had ceased.  Now, it’s a large housing estate which I find very sad.  Anyway, joining up created a love for aircraft and most flying things.  I will take any chance I have to visit my fairly local airfields.  Have a look at my aircraft gallery.

Art Nude – Anonymous, lingerie and people

People photography is people photography, simple as that.  I have an extensive catalogue of art nude work which doesn’t normally get to see the light of day.  Now I have dropped weddings from my portfolio I am more comfortable in getting that work out there.  This is one of two art nude galleries and it centres on anonymous, lingerie and people images.  This gallery does contain nudity, so don’t go there if you are under 18 or take offence at the sight of bare skin.  Clicking the following link means that you accept that warning and have consciously decided to continue.  Take a look at my anonymous, lingerie and people gallery.

Art Nude – Shapes, flying and buildings

The second art nude gallery features shapes, flying and buildings.  As with the other art nude gallery, this one displays nudity too.  Don’t enter if you are under 18 or are offended by the sight of bare skin.  Take a look at my shapes, flying and buildings gallery.