Art Nude – Shapes, Flying And Buildings

Get the light right

When I started out on my photography career many years ago, I was told that the hardest thing to do is to light a nude image.  It has to be done sympathetically, to produce the best result possible.  Get it wrong and the results could be disastrous.  However, if you get it right you can light just about any subject correctly.  Working in a studio helps enormously, because the photographer has total control of any lighting he or she wishes to use.  Outdoor work is a completely different matter, because the photographer is at the whim of passing clouds that ruin camera settings, rain and wind.  Too cold and your model’s skin will get goose bumps, too hot and it all gets a bit sweaty.   I love that challenge though.   Getting it right makes me very happy indeed  All of these images are available to purchase on my shop site.